Maris - one of the Finno-Ugric nars in Russia. The main ethnic territory - Middle Volga region, where in ancient times that saw the formation of the Mari people. According to population census 2010 number of Mari in Russia amounted to 547,605 persons, including in the Perm region, there were 4121. Mari language belongs to the Volga branch of the Finno-Ugric group of the Uralic language family. Most of the believers - Orthodox Christians, but some of Mari preserve the ancient ethnic religions, adhere to paganism. The beginning of mass migration from the Middle Volga Mari in the Kama came in the second half of XVI - XVII century. In 1678 - 1679 years. Kungur in the county has had 100 Mari yurts with the male population of 311 people. The descendants of settlers still live in villages Tebenyaki, Red Meadow, Kamenka, Ivankovo, Vaskino, Tukmany Suksun area in the villages of Upper and Tlyakovo Tyush October district, in the village of Lower Salsola Kishertskogo area. In contemporary culture, Mari Kama retained many ancient features: distinctive dialect, traditional festivals, ceremonies, religious and mythological ideas, rich folklore. The traditional costume Mari Kama to this day has kept a rich ornamentation, archaic motifs of embroidery and weaving.