Russian - one of the many peoples of Northern Eurasia and Russia. The total number of Russian in the world - about 150 million people, including more than 111 million lives in Russia. According to the census in 2010 in the Perm region identified themselves as Russian 2,191,423 people. Russian language belongs to the East Slavic group of the Slavic branch of Indo-European language family. Most believers - Orthodox Christians. Kama Land were known Russian since the eleventh century. The population of the region began in the Russian Upper Kama River in the late XV - early XVI century. From the sixteenth century. the process of developing Riverlands Chusovaya, Sylva, Iren Tulve. In the middle of the XVII century. Kama took a wave of migration associated with a church schism. In the XVIII century. influx of new population was due to the advent of the Middle Urals plants and plant communities. The nineteenth century - the period of active development of the southern districts of the region. The main flow of migration to the Russian Kama went to the European North, so the language and folk culture of Russian Perm region mostly tend to severorusskoy tradition. In the south of the region marked by immigrants from Vyatka, Kama and Lower Volga region.